What is your Net Worth?


The year is 1870, you are a merchant trading high value goods between six countries spanning the Atlantic Ocean.


Take a journey back in time as you fight off pirates, pay off officials, manage your crew's morale level, and make as much money as possible by buying goods at their lowest price and selling these goods at their highest price. If the time isn't right to buy or sell, you can play card games to keep the cash pouring in.


You can buy bigger ships to both travel farther and carry more cargo, you can buy more guns for protection, and you can hire warships to escort you on your journey.


Ultimately, your goal is to obtain millions (perhaps billions) in assets including your cash, your ship's value and your cargo. Your Net Worth will increase with every trip!


You can also share your game progress with your friends on Facebook.




Gaming App for All ANDROID Devices (Phone, Tablet, and Kindle Fire)



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